Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby envy?

Do gay men have the same sort of maternal urges as straight women that cause them to want children? You know--baby envy.

I've always wanted to adopt and raise children--though more from a sense of ethical responsibility, living out the gospel and a love for children than anything else. However, today I've been seeing babies with their parents and have felt almost a jealous incompletion. To look into the eyes of such a beautiful little human makes everything else in the world not matter for a moment.

Once today, I even closed my eyes for a second and just imagined laying there with a sleeping baby on my chest and felt a vivid sense of love and self-giving as I rarely can conjure up in my own imagination... Then a friend came by and knocked me out of the trance.

Gosh, how weird is all of this... I rarely get so.. sappy. The shitty thing is that all of that has to wait! It has to wait me deciding to burst out of the closet and get on with life and to do what is right in a world that says to me, "no!".

Today.. I get it. I get why many gay men will marry women in order to have this dream of a family come true. I get why the struggle for marriage is so serious. And I absolutely do not get why anyone would deny someone the right to love and to raise a child.

The sure provisions of my God attend me all my days.
Oh may Thy house be my abode and all my work be praise
There would I find a settled rest where others go and come.
No more a stranger, nor a guestm but like a child at home.

-Isaac Watts

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