Monday, December 8, 2008

"Biblical marriage" is a farce!

Here's a great article:

Thanks to Scott Jones who mentioned it on his blog.

This makes a great case for two points: the conservative American ideal of "traditional" family is NOT a biblical notion, and it's hermeneutically irresponsible to suggest otherwise AND homosexual relationships are not addressed in scripture.

I think all of these things are pretty obvious to anyone who conducts a level-headed investigation upon the subject. The problem is we're not having this conversation, and can get away with such statements like "The Bible defends marriage between one man and one woman." Really, now? it's time to call BULL SHIT on these kinds of statements--wether you are straight or gay.


KJ said...

When I was wrestling against coming out, I did what every evangelical boy does -- reviewed the pertinent scriptures. When I did not find myself being described, boy was I surprised! And, of course, Jesus' silence on a matter that is apparently so important it divides "true" believers from those who are not, is pure gold.

Fancy Pants said...

I really love this Newsweek article. I think what it highlights is that homophobia is just that, fear, and prejudice, and has nothing to do with the Bible being a guide for Christians. You can support almost anything with the Bible, it's a pretty big, ancient, unwieldy text. But in the end, any interpretation that contradicts Jesus's message of love is well off the mark. Thanks for the link! Oh and I just found out about this book via NPR last night - "Crazy for God" by Frank Schaeffer. Check it out on Amazon!

JX said...

Duuuude! I heard that same interview. That books is definitely on the top of my reading list right now.