Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peggy Campolo is a Baptist Saint!

Read this!

"The anguish and despair I have seen in the Christian gay community does not allow time for such a scholarly approach to be our first move. We who are called to love our neighbors as ourselves must get to know and listen to them NOW."


dan said...

great post, and wonderful read. I like compolo, his wife has interesting thoughts. what she says in the link speaks of some sort of fairness and understanding but I didn't read a stand on marriage equality or anything, which is fine, baby steps.
btw, just this morning, the sermon was on Mark 10, stating clearly against divorce, or if you are divorce never remarrying. very interesting. my pastor did take more of a stand how marriage was given to us from God for a man and woman etc etc...
incidentally i was just listening to NPR news this morning and they were discussing Rick Warren and how he broght together a McCain/Obama debate, and then played a quote where he states something along the lines of 2 guys getting married is against the bible the same as a brother and sister or a much older man and a young girl etc etc...
I"m not taking sides just saying I've run into the topic today alot.
great post, keep it up!

JX said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of both Campolo's. I've seen and heard Tony Campolo in person twice and he has been moving each time. Though Peggy does not all-out affirm marriage equality in this article (because the moderate baptist to which she is wring are spineless sons of bitches), she does indeed affirm that. Actually, she and Tony do these events where they debate homosexuality--with Peggy taking an affirming stance and Tony a more conservative. Though Tony's official position is conservative, I personally believe, from the latest things I've heard him say about the issue, that he is moving towards equality.

I've heard sermons much like the one you mentioned, and I think it's rather ignorant of preachers to suggest that this passage has ANYTHING to do with gay marriage. Sure, the text that this text quotes presumes hetero marriage as the norm but this lesson is not anything about what gender combinations are allowed to marry. I supposed it's easier to bash the gays since divorce actually affects most everyone in the congregation.

Thanks for the comment! I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the matter. Did you get my email from a while back? :-)